Dr Adrian Burden, Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence

The sessions have been established by Dr Adrian Burden who is the Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence in the School of Metallurgy and Materials. Sessions will take place from 3pm-4pm in meeting room 1B16 (Building G6) as follows:

  1. Company shares and fund raising - date TBC (June 2019)
  2. Accounting basics and financials - date TBC (June 2019)
  3. Business plan structure and strategic planning tools - Friday 26th April
  4. The Board, organisational structure and departments - Monday 29th April
  5. IP, licenses, agreements, records and documentation - Wednesday 08th May
  6. Staff, cyber security and data protection - Thursday 16th May
  7. Branding, marketing, sales and business development - Monday 20th May
  8. Scale-up, dashboard, aquisition and exit - date TBC (May 2019)

The sessions will look at basic terminology and methodology with plenty of opportunity for discussions, Q&A and hands on work. All sessions will be on a rolling schedule so if you miss one don't worry, future dates will follow. All students and staff from Engineering and Physical Sciences are welcome to attend. 

Please email Adrian Burden or visit Eventbrite to book your place.