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Are you an experienced nurse, physiotherapist or pharmacist graduate from the University of Birmingham who wishes to advance your clinical practice? If so the MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice may be for you.

From September 2019, the post graduate team within the School of Nursing will be delivering a fully revised course, aligned to the Multi-professional Framework for Advanced Clinical Practice in England and the new Advanced Clinical Practice Degree Apprenticeship standards. Our aim is to support registered allied health professionals, nurses and midwives to develop the practical knowledge and theoretical understanding required to undertake advanced clinical practice roles across the health care sector. In addition to the traditional funding streams, we are pleased to be able to offer an Advanced Clinical Practice Level 7 Degree Apprenticeship, allowing learners to gain a Masters level qualification funded by the Apprenticeship Levy.

  • The programme, incorporates core modules exploring the ‘four pillars’ of advanced clinical practice but has the additional flexibility to undertake specialist learning in specific areas aligned to your area of practice.
  • Opportunity to work collaboratively and network in a multi-professional learner environment with experienced practitioners from a wide range of clinical specialties and practice areas.
  • Flexible mode of delivery to suit both learner and employer needs through a blend of online and on-campus delivery.
  • Invaluable to a learner’s career progression, this programme enables individuals to lead and transform service delivery through research-informed clinical practice.

The MSc Advanced Clinical Practice facilitates the development of highly skilled practitioners to enable delivery of clinical practice to an advanced level within a variety of clinical specialities and practice areas. With clear focus on the four pillars of advanced clinical practice (Clinical Practice, Education, Research and Leadership and Management) this innovative course, designed in collaboration with health care professionals, aims to meet the challenges encountered by current healthcare services and providers by preparing dynamic and reflexive practitioners to ensure effective delivery of care for patients with increasingly complex needs. Drawing on theory, research, and clinical experiences the programme will enable you to lead and transform service delivery through research-informed clinical practice.

Learners will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and behaviours through the selection of modules designed to enhance their ability to take on key clinical roles within organisations. The clinically focused course integrates generic modules, including Advanced Health Assessment and Clinical Decision Making, and Independent Prescribing (subject to professional regulation), with specialty specific components to meet individual work-based requirements. The development of understanding in anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology and advanced health assessment skills, along with associated work-based learning experiences, facilitates effective clinical reasoning and evidence-based decision making within practice.

Learners are required to complete supervised practice within their clinical area with the support of practice supervisors and assessors. The University will maintain a close partnership with practice areas for the duration of study to facilitate an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

During clinically focused hours, students will be under direct and/or indirect supervision by their allocated practice supervisor or assessor to facilitate the completion of competency-based assessments and the development of a comprehensive evidence portfolio to demonstrate developing competence across the four pillars of practice. Learners are encouraged to engage with specialty specific competencies from their respective Royal Colleges or Specialty Societies to supplement their portfolio development during the duration of the course to facilitate specialty specific competencies.

The MSc Advanced Clinical Practice course has been developed to extend learner’s competence to advanced clinical practice level with the support of theoretical and experiential learning; with high quality, research informed person-centred care at its heart.