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One of the biggest tasks when starting the season was to fix the issues the team had at the competition in July. Without a running car, the team sadly weren’t able to carry out any post-season testing to better understand the dynamics of the car. We had to completely strip down the Power Unit and perform an engine swap. Since then, we’ve clocked over 300km through testing for new developments like traction control which is huge progress.

Some of our key achievements so far have been finalising our designs for a complete aerodynamic package which has never been achieved in the history of UBRacing. This means the new race car will have a redesigned front wing, diffuser and rear wing, as well as the addition of side pods and side wings. To do this, we’ve introduced a two-year development plan for the implementation of a drag reduction system for the rear and side wings. 

Another huge progress point was to finalise the new suspension points. The team are moving to direct-acting suspension that will work with a change to a lower profile tyre – this will reduce the mass of the car by 6 kg!

pedals and tyres

The Powertrain Department has been working on several projects with their biggest achievement thus far being a complete redesign of the cooling system to improve the balance of the car and two new radiators are currently being fabricated by one of our sponsors.

We’ve achieved a great deal this term but there’s more to come and we’ve got big plans! Follow our progress on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with @ubracing.

ubracing car 2019