CASTEP is a leading code for calculating the properties of materials from first principles. Using density functional theory, it can simulate a wide range of properties of materials proprieties including energetics, structure at the atomic level, vibrational properties, electronic response properties etc. In particular it has a wide range of spectroscopic features that link directly to experiment, such as infra-red and Raman spectroscopies, NMR, and core level spectra.

The first annual CASTEP Users Workshop will take place 18th - 19th March 2019 at the University of Birmingham’s newly opened Edgbaston Park Hotel.  The workshop is an opportunity to present research and discuss in an informal environment. There will be a lively informal atmosphere with plenty of opportunities for discussion and with this in mind all participants are encouraged to submit a poster title and abstract to promote our conversations. There will also be a prize for best PhD/PDRA poster.

There will be a workshop dinner on the evening of 18th March.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Plenary by: Bjoern Winkler (Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Sharon Ashbrook (St Andrews University, Scotland)
  • Joerg Meyer (Leiden University, Netherlands)
  • James Kermode (University of Warwick, England)
  • Rebecca Nicholls (University of Oxford, England)
  • Anthony Reilly (Dublin City University, Ireland)

Due to generous funding by CCP9, CCP-NC and UKCP, the conference fee is £100. This includes lunches and refreshments on both days, the workshop dinner and overnight accommodation.

Visit the CASTEP website for further details and to book your place.