Ubracing team
The Vice-Chancellor with UB Racing Society pictured above and below with Brum Eco Racing Society.

On a warm sunny day in May 2019, we were delighted to welcome a very special guest to our School.  Professor Sir David Eastwood, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Birmingham, came to meet our motor racing societies, UB Racing and Brum Eco Racing.

The Vice-Chancellor took his time and met with students who spoke about the projects and demonstrated the work they do as society members.  It takes a lot time, dedication and hard work to be a society member.  This involves team work, working on University Open Days, Offer Holder days, speaking to visitors and potential students.  The society members are always very upbeat and professional and, each year, look to recruit new members to the EPS societies

Hannah from UB Racing (@UBRacing) commented: “The team were delighted to have the opportunity to show off the hard work that has gone into the design and manufacture of UBR22 to the Vice-Chancellor. We were able to demonstrate prototypes for some of our biggest developments this year: from an iteration of the new exhaust to a scaled 3D printed model of the car.  It was a pleasure to speak to someone with the same passion for cars and motorsport that we all have, especially as he was able to point out a few areas we could be improving on! The visit was great motivation as we continue in our main manufacturing period ready for the launch of UBR22 on 22 June 2019”. 

Annabel from Brum Eco Racing (@UBecoRacing) commented: “When meeting the Vice-Chancellor, we were delighted by his interested in our cars and society. It showed us that the higher authorities in the University are still interested in the smaller societies which we found really inspiring. He showed keen interest in the mechanical components of our car and asked us many questions including the inner workings of our ECU and our methods of improving fuel consumption.”

Brum eco