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This winter term, and our first few weeks as a newly recognised EPS society, our main drive and focus was recruiting more Global Engineering Brigadiers.

On the 28 November we held our first ever information session. After lecture shout-outs, flyer handouts and emails to the entire of the College’s students inviting them to our session, we nervously waited to see if these invites worked. As a committee, we were over the moon to have a sizeable turn out to our first event! Tim Vaz, Vice President of the University’s Global Medical Brigades, opened the information evening with his own experiences of last year’s Medical Brigade trip to Honduras. Speaking on his highlights, activities and emphasising how much of a change and impact they made as a brigade during their short time there was a huge bonus. We then spoke about our outreach initiative in Ghana involving working closely with the local community to implement a new water system.  We also discussed the mission of the Global Brigades, which is to empower volunteers and under-resourced communities to resolve global health and economic disparities, inspiring all involved to collaboratively work towards a common goal. To have almost all attendees of the information session sign the interest form afterwards was a massive step in the right direction for us as a brand new society!

Next term we’ll be focussing on discussing logistics of the trip and educative talks on Ghanaian culture, laws and regulations. This will be done through regular group meetings. We are also excited for the fundraising opportunities and events we’ve planned as we drive towards securing our flights and all other final preparations.

It was so encouraging to see our peers signing up to be part of the University’s first Global Engineering Brigades, who through the holistic model, will be making a sustainable and lasting difference in a Ghanaian rural community. Thank you to everyone who signed up!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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