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Over the past 23 years UBRacing has successfully helped introduce Formula Student into the UK. We have travelled abroad to compete in Germany, Australia and the Czech Republic just to name a few. We managed to win the dynamic competition and place 2nd overall at FSUK two years ago. Now it's time for a change!

We are excited to announce that UBRacing will be merging our sister electric team at the University, UBeRacing. The combination of the work achieved by UBRacing over the last 23 years and the electric knowledge from the recently formed UBeRacing will allow us to effectively compete with two highly competitive cars for the coming season. One team, 2 cars. 

ubracing 2020

The merger will allow for the knowledge built up over the last two decades to be passed on to the electric team and support them in making the University’s first ever electric vehicle, UBR24, whilst we continue to make a combustion car simultaneously.

UBRacing are excited to resume after having to suspend the build of UBR23 due to the Covid-19 lockdown in March. The team competed in the virtual Formula Student in July where we presented the normal static events online. We placed 8th in design, 9th in cost and 15th overall so a good result for the team.

For the rest of 2020 we’ll be online, where the team will be busy designing UBR24 and hosting virtual events for you to get involved with. Keep an eye on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram for information about how you can get involved this year!

ubracing car 2020

To find out more about UBRacing visit their website

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