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Do you or a family member have experience of organising and paying for social care?

The project: Finding and Funding Social Care: the experiences of self-funders

This research is about the experiences of older people who pay for their residential care or care at home, known as ‘self-funders’. The team want to find out what it’s like to be a self-funder, starting with first realising that help is needed, deciding what amount of care is needed and choosing a care provider, through to self-funders’ experiences of receiving care. At the end of the research, the team will publish summaries, written, audio and film clips about these experiences on a new website called Socialcaretalk. This will enable self-funders to learn from people who have already been through this process.

What will it involve?

This study will involve talking to a researcher about your experiences of paying for social care. If you would like to take part the researcher will come to interview you at your home or elsewhere if you prefer. She will record or video your conversation and you will be asked permission for parts of the recordings to appear on the website Socialcaretalk. This website will be used to support other people going through similar experiences, and help train social care workers and managers. After the interview you will be given £20 to say thank you for your time.

Express your interest

For more information on taking part, please contact: Lyndsay Lindley, Social Policy Research Unit, University of York, YO10 5DD.


Phone: 01904 321286