The second round of survey results from over 1,100 people from the South West of England, displayed as an infographic, explores the relationship between housing tenure and wellbeing.

CHASM's research partnership, the Tenant’s Journey, with East Devon District Council and Livewest, has just entered its third and final year. A second survey round, with a sample of follow-up interviews, continues to track the experiences of social tenants and those applying for social housing in the South West. Last year we found that an infographic summarising these experiences was a valuable tool so we have repeated the process this year.

Our new infographic shows that social tenants were less likely to be anxious that people on the waiting list for social housing, with nearly two out of five of those on the waiting list reporting anxiety, compared to a quarter of social tenants. And social tenants are also more likely to say they are happy, regardless of how much income they have, or whether they are struggling financially.

The full picture of housing tenure and wellbeing is more complex.  For example, results show that women are more likely than men that to anxious – and there is much more to think about when viewing the infographic, which is available here