Clinician Engineer Hub
The Clinician Engineer Hub is aimed at bridging the gap between medicine and engineering

Now in its 2nd year, the Clinician Engineer Hub, an international network aimed at bridging the gap between medicine and engineering has launched a series of educational material in webinar form.

The hub founders, Dr Neel Sharma (University of Birmingham) together with Dr Ali Yetisen (Imperial College London) and Dr Mads Bergholt (King's College London), have developed educational content for clinicians across the biomedical engineering and allied engineering domain alongside the hub's global leads.

Dr Sharma, a Lecturer in the Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy and clinician academic registrar in the field of gastroenterology at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, commented: "What we hope to achieve here is the opportunity to allow medical students and doctors the chance to gain engineering knowledge at no extra cost. Often candidates are unable to afford the cost of education or mobilise accordingly to a particular expert institution. By providing educational content through webinars the experts are ‘transported’ to the learners with ease. In addition from a research perspective learners can interact with these experts in real time, exchange ideas and develop collaborations accordingly."

Dr Bergholt said: "The educational content can be viewed multiple times and at a time that suits their learning needs through the hub’s YouTube channel. This way learners can revisit content, have time to process what is being delivered and also pose questions to the presenters at a later date as new ideas spark."

Dr Yetisen added: “This innovative Hub continues to offer a wide range of educational opportunities from biomedical imaging, to medical diagnostics and robotics to push the boundaries of engineering and the current medical training curriculum.”

The Clinician Engineer Hub has recognised that the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that face to face learning can no longer take place. As a result their next summer school will take place virtually this coming August. Follow @clinicengine for further details.