It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Term’s resumed and the leagues back on! The greatest club to ever grace the fields of Bournbrook has returned and my, what a return we’ve had. Old rivalries rekindled, old scores to be settled – and a shock end to the season.

With all games played, Eagles As sit triumphant at the top of the League with 41 points, bitter rivals KINVIG second to them with 38, and Eagles Bs holding down the bronze medal spot on 35 points. To have both teams finish in the top three is a massive achievement on its own! But perhaps even more significant is that both teams have crushed each and every Medic XI to finish above them in the league!

Now. Onto the individual team reports. The B’s return, still lead by the power pairing of Captain Philip Pagani and his Vice Milo McNally, returned with something to prove. Who really is the best team within Eagles? The team trained hard and bonded through sweat and tears. The day finally dawned where a superior Eagles B took the As back to school – demonstrating what a masterclass in hockey truly looks like, producing an incredible win, asserting themselves as the dominant team within the Club (regardless of what some ‘league table’ says!). This monumental result kick-started a winning streak for the Bs, serving up back-to-back clean sheet wins to both Medic 3s and 4s. The squad seemed unstoppable, but could not continue their winning momentum into two tough games against Medics 1s (sorry, ‘2s’) and a riled up KINVIG out for revenge after their star player became a shock midseason signing of Eagle’s Bs.

The As, while triumphant, owe their success really to the Bs, as their Captain this year gracefully had to swallow his pride and move over to the As as all captaincy candidates were Bs alumni. While starting off slow, only coming 3rd in the first half of the season, we ramped up the skill and comradery to demolish all opposition, albeit conceding to the Bs in the meantime. With the finals day officially cancelled due to COVID-19, and an impressive lead at the top we are proud to take our place at the top after a few seasons struggling in the mid-table. Here's to another fruitful year!

Despite the unfortunate abrupt end to this year’s season, robbing us of the chance to clutch the cup once more, it’s been a fantastic year for us as a Club. Attendance has been consistently strong, social attendance has been through the roof, and each and every player has absolutely shone all season. John Hall picked up the award for Player’s Player for the As, while Jonathan Chowdhury picked up the same award for the Bs. Lucy McCarthy came through as the squad’s Most Improved Player, proving herself to be an ‘absolute weapon in attack’. Milo McNally was firmly deserving the title of Season LVP (Least Valued Player). This was by no means a close contest.

It has been an honour and a privilege to sit on the committee for this wonderful Club. As we pass the gauntlet to the next committee, it’s our pleasure to hand over to the new committee for this coming season. Our new are Captains, Jo Kelly and Molly Steele. Henry Allen takes up the mantle of Social Sec and Nick Borrett takes on the role of Treasurer. We also have a new role of Head Coach, assumed by Claire Duncan.

Best of luck to the new committee – we hope you have as much fun with it as we did!

Eagles Love xoxoxoxox

eagles as 2020
eagles bs 2020
eagles full team

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