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The University of Birmingham Consulting Group is now part of the EPS Community! We’re officially based over in the Business School and are already a Guild Society so have a great reputation to bring to you. We know how many of you may be interested in the world of consultancy, and how many companies there are out there interested in you too. So it’s time to collaborate!


We’re already partnered with the Economics Society to put on a wide range of events within the consulting world. We aim to put on workshops and mock case studies to give real insight into what consultants do in their day to day jobs. This is alongside Q&A’s and networking events to be introduce you to the sector, helping you discover if consulting is right for you and get your foot into the industry.

The Consulting Group is for students from all courses looking to go into many different sectors of consulting; from tech to property, engineering and management, and everything in between! We’re not just for Business School students and everyone on campus can join us.

Over the past year we’ve held mock case study events by Accenture and put on panel talks with the Careers Network. Both of which offered the opportunity for professional consultants to provide insight into their roles and answer any questions our members may have. We’ve also been busy this summer organising online Q&As to prepare students for job or placement applications and will have a document full of all the opportunities we can find available for you to apply for.

We’re also busy organising events for when the new university year begins so we look forward to seeing you at an in-person or virtual event very soon.

Feel free to contact us for information about upcoming events or for spare case study materials from past event at our Facebook, LinkedIn or email us on Or

We can’t wait to see you!

To find out more about Birmingham Consultancy Group visit their website

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