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We are Women In Tech UOB! A society created to inspire women in the world of technology! We focus on empowering more women to follow their dreams and achieve their goals, particularly in the technological field. This is why we have created a great network of women, with like-minded goals and high ambitions.

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This society is open to all individuals who self-identify as women, and are keen to involve themselves in the ever-growing world of Tech. No prior experience is required- that's what we're here for!

As devoted students at the University of Birmingham, we believe that community support is the key to encourage success and growth during these uncertain times. That’s why we created the Women In Tech society! We believe there are endless opportunities in the technology field for women of all backgrounds. Regardless of your experience in this field, we are here to support and encourage you during your journey, and what better time to embark on this journey than now?

Joining the Women In Tech society would be the perfect opportunity for women who are looking develop their skills and find better opportunities in a new and exciting field. We have great ideas to put in place, ranging from networking and social events, to academic workshops that women of all backgrounds will be able take advantage of.

Over the next few months we want to be as close to you as possible; we aim to effectively communicate new ideas, opportunities and advice in order to empower and welcome our new community. We’ve put together various events, from hackathons to virtual webinars and workshops which we plan to share with you on a weekly basis. As well as this, we will be regularly updating our blog to share personal experiences and advice from women across STEM; hoping to inspire you to take on new challenges!

We are excited to grow a thriving community, who work to share their own experiences and networks, in order to empower women in the field of tech. We can’t wait to see as many of you here as possible, so that we can continue to grow an amazing community who encourage and support each other.

If you’re interested to meet us you can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn and of course on our official website. Or you can privately contact us by emailing to