Undergraduate students on our BA Drama and Theatre Arts degree course joined Dr Pablo Pakula and live artist Aleks Wojtulevicz for a workshop ahead of the latest Live Art for the Green Heart performance.

Participants staring at the wall

Aleks Wojtulevic has been a live artist for over 10 years. His practice is based in the physicality of his body, and how it can he can used this to his best advantage. His work explores society's role in 'understanding' and 'acceptance', aiming to gain a better understanding of the societal pressures that are faced daily.

Recently, he has been exploring ways of creating performances and full installations that give a full-body experience of art, while questioning the very fabric of what art is, and why we have a need it. 

The workshop engaged with nature. Aiming to understand the connection to the physical space, it explored ways of turning the whole area into a reactive-performance, which responds to what’s happening in the surroundings. The work was physical and durational in nature.

Aleks is one of the founders and directors of Home For Waifs And Strays, and part of performance duo KAKE. In these roles Aleks works with artists as collaborator and mentor. He's also a contemporary dancer and a lighting designer.

A student washes her face in a bucket of water
Four wet participants stand in a circle looking down
One bucket standing on another bucket
Participants interact with leaves, water and earth
Wet participants in a circle, one smiling
Two students walk in the grass
Pablo Pakula overturning a bucket of water on his head
Workshop participants lie flat on the floor
Workshop leader seen through the arms of participant
Pablo Pakula pushes against a wall
A student pushes against a wall