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HTI Thinktank Lates stand
Metal Mimicry exhibition stand at the Thinktank Lates

The University of Birmingham Public Engagement with Research Team recently organised the Thinktank Lates event.

The evening showcased Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum’s displays alongside exhibition stands promoting the University’s medical, engineering, social sciences and arts research.

At the event, the Healthcare Technologies Institute and Centre for Custom Medical Devices team ran the Metal Mimicry exhibition stand.

Dr Victor Villapun and Dr Luke Carter, Research Fellows at the School of Chemical Engineering exhibited an array of metal 3D printed hip implants and cranial plates that were personalised to fit a model skull.

The stand demonstrated how the designs mimicked bone structures through the use of lattices, and provided a better understanding of how design differences can impact on the stability of the final print.

Members of the public were challenged to use magnetic sticks and balls to copy and improve the 3D printed structures, with many participants unable to produce a strong and durable design.

The evening was a great opportunity for the HTI team to engage with members of the public while explaining and demonstrating their research.