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MIGCHOICE and IOM made some videos in Dakar to talk about our work. Dr Abdoulaye Sompare discusses the broader context of migration in West Africa.  Prof Richard Black provides an overview of the MIGCHOICE project.  Agent based modelling is explained by Prof David Hudson.  Dr Ester Botta talks about migration in Guinea. 

Professor Richard Black (University of Birmingham) talks about understanding the effects of development interventions on migration choices.

Professor Esther Botta Somparé (Université Kofi Annan de Guinée et Université Julius Nyerere de Kankan, Guinea) discusses migration and opportunities in Guinea.

Professor David Hudson (University of Birmingham) offers some insight into agent-based modelling to understand migration decision-making.

Professor Abdoulaye Sompare (Université Julius Nyerere de Kankan, Guinea) talks about migration and development in Guinea.