Beaumont, Professor, fl 1900s, astrologer: undated manuscript letter, with accompanying envelope. Addressed to Alfred Dickinson, 138 Bournbrook Road, Selly Park, Birmingham. From Professor Beaumont, Station Street, Birmingham. Letter concerns astrology with Beaumont providing a written astrological reading to Dickinson. Finding No: LAdd/6468 

Bell Scott, William, 1811-1890, Scottish artist and printmaker: manuscript letter addressed to George Wallis, South Kensington Museum, London. Dated 11 November 1889. Finding No: LAdd/6460

Callow, Philip Kenneth, 1924-2007, writer (additional): letters written by Philip Callow or sent to him. Material includes letters written by Philip Callow to Jim Morgan, [mostly mid-1980s]; letter from Isabel Quigley; a number of letters from Stanley Middleton; letter from Glyn Hughes; three letters from Charles Causley; and a number of letters from literary agents. Finding No: MS961 

Cooper, Thomas, fl 1760s: manuscript probate and copy will dated 20 June 1768 detailing the last will and testament of Thomas Cooper of Birmingham. Finding No: MS982 

Eden, Anthony, 1897-1977, politician: menu card for the fourteenth annual dinner of 'The BTH Overseas Association', held on 29 September 1950 in the Masonic Hall, Rugby. Toast list includes a response to 'Our Guests' by Anthony Eden. Finding No: AELAdd/50

French, Douglas, b 1944, politician: papers and sound recordings of proceedings of conferences organised by Westminster and City Programmes. This was a conference and research organisation dedicated to the financial services sector, established by Douglas French. Finding No: DF

Garibaldi, Giuseppe Maria, 1807-1882, Italian general: manuscript letter, in Italian, from Giuseppe Maria Garibaldi (1807-1882) to George Jacob Holyoake (1817-1906). Dated 2 November 1875. Thanks Holyoake for his kind letter and work. Finding No: LAdd/6465

Holl, William, fl 1830s, Birmingham geologist: manuscript letter from William Holl to the Editor of 'The Literary Gazette'. Dated 28 September 1835 and addressed from Birmingham. Finding No: LAdd/6466

Jackson, Professor Russell (additional): material relating to ‘The Bomb-itty of Errors’, 1999; ‘Macbeth’, [c 2013]; ‘The Merchant of Venice’; and ‘Hamlet’, performed at RADA, 2017. Finding No: DSH28

Newbigin, Lesslie, 1909-1998, theologian and missionary: manuscript letter to Bishop Lesslie Newbigin from L. Vircher, dated 3 August 1963. Concerns the publication of an unidentified book. Finding No: LAdd/6462

Suzman, Dame Janet, b 1939, actress (additional): material relating to a South African production of 'Hamlet' in 2005, including material relating to the actor Brett Goldin (1977-2006); letter from Ian McKellen dated 27 November 2012 commenting on Suzman's recent book publication; various postcards, greeting cards and correspondence sent to Suzman;  printed speech used for 'A Toast to the Immortal Memory' given on Shakespeare's birthday, 22 April 2006, in Stratford-upon-Avon; newspaper cuttings; and other items of correspondence. Finding No: DSH31

Amateur Athletics Association (additional): Track and field athletics event entry form for Chester 'Autumn Sports and Carnival', 2 August 1937. Finding No: ATH/AAA/3/3/8/1 

British Institute of Organ Studies (additional): ‘Organ Building: Journal of the Institute of British Organ Building’, volume 19, 2019. Finding No: BOA

British Association of Teachers of the Deaf (additional): BATOD magazine, January and March 2020. Finding No: BATOD

Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies (additional): membership lists, 1998-2011; and incomplete sequence of issues of ‘Bulletin of British Byzantine Studies’, 1980-2018. Finding No: MS983

Toc H (additional): supporter magazine ‘In Touch’, January 2020. Finding No: TOCH/J/1/4

Toc H (additional): records relating to Hoddesdon House and Hoddesdon and Broxbourne branch; booklet titled ‘Weekend at Dor Knap’; assorted pictures and photographs, badges, and objects; correspondence, 1920s-1930s. Finding No: TOCH

Youth Hostels Association (additional): individual YHA hostel profiles compiled by YHA Honorary Archivist for hostels in Bath, Cheddar, Perranporth and Portreath, Street, and Treyarnon Bay. Finding No: YHA

Young Men’s Christian Association (additional): extensive sequence of administrative and financial records generated by YMCA Wales between 1913 and 2014. Finding No: YMCA

British Book Trade Index (additional): issues of 'Quadrat: a periodical bulletin of research in progress on the British book trade', Issue 1, January 1995 to Issue 24, Summer 2011. Finding No: MS803 

Conzen Collection (additional): additional deposit: issue of 'Geographie und Landesplanung in England' by M. R. G. Conzen and published in 'Colloquium Geographicum', Band 2, 1952. Finding No: MS864

First World War postcards: eight black and white postcards relating to the First World War. A number of scenes illustrate the destruction of buildings following bombing. Finding No: MS978

Flackpack Festival, ‘Birmingham 68’: material generated by and gathered in connection with Flatpack Festival held in 2018. A series of events and exhibitions focusing on aspects of social, cultural, and political life in Birmingham in 1968. Concentrates on protest, photography, psychedelia, and redevelopment, and including events relating to the 1968 student protest at the University of Birmingham. Finding No: MS986 

Glass slides relating to Egypt: collection of 100 glass slides, and a wooden slide box, of unknown provenance. The slide box bears the name plate of Thomas Armstrong and Bro[ther], 1868-1968 [clockmaker and optical instrument maker of Manchester]. Finding No: MS984

Land ownership in Wyre Piddle: manuscript list detailing mortgages, and providing information on tenants and land, in Wyre Piddle, Worcestershire. Finding No: MS979 

Letters Additional (additional): Typescript letter to The Prime Minister from The Imperial Maritime League, dated June 1910. Concerns defence and the question of naval strength, requesting a loan of one hundred million pounds for National Defence. Finding No: LAdd/6463

Letters Additional (additional): Typescript 'Epitaphium', in Latin, with accompanying translation. Concerns the death of a dog, Jacko. Dated 31 July 1876. Finding No: LAdd/6464

National Athletics Archive (additional): mounted photocopied broadside poster detailing the walking career of George Wilson (1766-1839), 'the celebrated Blackheath pedestrian'. Finding No: ATH/Z/7/1/32b

Photographs of 'sweated industries' of Birmingham: four photographs, and three additional copies, depicting household scenes in Birmingham. With accompanying note stating 'Daily News: Exhibition. 1906'. Finding No: MS980 

Postcard: undated postcard depicting newly married couple outside a church, with accompanying statement: 'England expects that every man this day will do his duty!', [early 20th century]. Finding No: LAdd/6467 

Reminiscences of life in Namibia: typescript reminiscences titled 'We Come From Namibia' compiled by an unidentified author. Finding No: MS977 

Academic Office: Printed programmes for degree ceremonies December 2019. Acc.2020/1 

Creative Media: Colour photographs and 35mm slides taken for promotional use showing teaching and research activities in various academic schools and departments. It also includes exterior and interior views of buildings on University of Birmingham campus, including student accommodation, 1980s-1990s. Acc.2020/6

School of History and Cultures: Records of Midland History journal and of its predecessor, the University of Birmingham Historical Journal. Comprising minutes, correspondence, financial records, lists of subscribers, reviewers’ reports, 1960s-2000s. Finding No: UA22R 

Selly Oak Colleges: Papers kept by Allan Anderson relating to the functions and activities of the Selly Oak Colleges Theology Department and Centre for the Study of New Religious Movements 1970s-1990s. Includes material relating to the history of the Theology Department in the 1940s. Acc.2020/11 

Harris, Sheila, 1932-2019, administrator: Photographs, newsletters and other material relating to the work of the Department of Physics and Space Research at the University of Birmingham in the 1970s and 1980s. Finding No: US157 

Lafitte, Francois, 1913-2002, social policy analyst (additional): Books from the library of Francois Lafitte, some with inscriptions to Lafitte by the authors, or inscribed by Lafitte and with his bookplate. Finding No: US72 

Nicklin, Phyllis Amelia, 1909-1969, geography tutor (additional): 35mm colour slides, mostly kodachrome transparencies, containing images of urban and rural areas of the West Midlands. These were taken and used by Phyllis Nicklin in the classes she taught as a staff tutor in Geography in the Extra-Mural Department at the University of Birmingham in the 1950s and 1960s. Finding No: US149

Welsh, Fauset, fl 1914-1938: Velvet sports cap in red and blue, with embroidered lion as depicted on University of Birmingham crest, the date 1923-1924 in gold embroidery, and gold tassel. This cap was worn by Fauset Welch as a member of the First XV Rugby team 1923-1924. Finding No: USS141

David Berry Hart. A first series of twenty completed abdominal sections. r RG522.H37 

David Berry Hart. A contribution to the anatomy and etiology of the peritoneal portion of the vagina during labour. r RG522.H37 

David Berry Hart. The anatomy and mechanism of early abortion. r RG522.H37 

David Berry Hart. Mitral stenosis and labour. r RG522.H37 

Catalogue of specimens to be examined by students attending Dr Berry Hart’s class. r RG522.H37 

Hugh Owen Thomas. Contributions to surgery and medicine. r RD728.T46

Lawson Tait. Fifty cases of ovariotomy. r RG481.T35 

Lawson Tait. A criticism of the doctrine of individuality. r RG481.T35 

Lawson Tait. A letter on hospital mortality : addressed to the Governors of the Birmingham General Hospital. r RG 481.T35 

Lawson Tait. Three cases of repair of the female bladder and urethra. r RG481.T35 

Lawson Tait. An account of seventy-six consecutive cases of abdominal section. r RG481.T35 

Lawson Tait. Four cases of removal of large uterine myomata by abdominal section. r RG481.T35 

Lawson Tait. Case of vesico-vaginal fistula left fourteen years after lithotomy, cured by a series of plastic operations / by Lawson Tait. r RG481.T35 

Lawson Tait. Note on a diseased placenta. r RG481.T35 

Lawson Tait. Preliminary note on the anatomy of the umbilical cord. r RG481.T35 

Lawson Tait. Note on the diagnosis of extra-uterine pregnancy. r RG481.T35 

Lawson Tait. Preliminary note on the anatomy of the umbilical cord. r RG481.T35 

Lawson Tait. A case of general dropsy in a foetus. r RG481.T35 

Lawson Tait. Note on a new method of administrating ether vapour. r RG481.T35 

Lawson Tait. On the freezing process for section-cutting. r RG481.T35 

Lawson Tait. On the variety of periosteal disease of the skull generally known as fungus of the dura mater. r RG481.T35 

Lawson Tait. On the treatment of cleft palate. r RG481.T35 

Lawson Tait. On new methods of operation for the female perinaeum. r RG481.T35 

City of Birmingham. Public parks and pleasure grounds : their cost, areas and maintenance, bye-laws and regulations. r DA690.B6 

Alfred Cortot. Trois manuscrits de Chopin. r f ML410.C55 C67 

Robert Saundby. The action of drugs in albuminuria. r RC907.S28 

Robert Saundby.  A contribution to the discussion on albuminuria. r RC907.S28 

Balthazar Foster. Diabetic coma. r RC907.S28 

Robert Saundby. The diagnostic value of renal tube casts. r RC907.S28 

Robert Saundby. Fat embolism. r RC907.S28 

Robert Saundby. The functional stage of granular kidney. r RC907.S28 

Robert Saundby. The histology of granular kidney. r RC907.S28 

Robert Saundby. The histology of granular kidney (with figure). r RC907.S28 

Robert Saundby. Küssmaul’s coma. r RC907.S28 

Robert Saundby. Note on the digestive action of carica papaya. r RC907.S28 

Robert Saundby. Note on the morbid anatomy of hypertrophic cirrhosis of the liver. r RC907.S28 

Charles Maingault. Operative surgery : Maingault’s illustrations of the different amputations performed on the human body. r ff RD553.M35 

Charles Errard. Anatomy improv'd and illustrated with regard to the uses thereof in designing: not only laid down from an examen of the bones and muscles of the human body, but also demonstrated and exemplified from the most celebrated antique statues in Rome. Exhibited in a great number of copper plates, with all the figures in various views. r ff NC760.E77 

Petrus Camper. Recueil de planches pour servir aux observations anatomiques sur la structure intérieure et le squelette de plusieurs espèces de cétacés. r f QL737.C4 C36 

Joseph Hodgson. Traité des maladies des artères et des veines. Tome premier. r QM191.H63

John Johnstone. Oratio Harvaeana. MDCCCXIX. r p QP101.J64

Sampson Gamgee. On the treatment of wounds and fractures : clinical lectures. r RD93.G36

Arthur Gamgee. Address to the Biological Section of the British Association, Southampton, 1882 : on the growth of our knowledge of the function of secretion, to which is prefixed a brief sketch of the writings of the late Professor Francis Maitland Balfour. r QP190.G36

Joseph Hodgson. Von den Krankheiten der Arterien und Venen : mit besonderer Rücksicht auf Entwicklung und Behandlung der Aneurysmen und Arterienwunden. r RC693.H63

Sampson Gamgee. On the advantages of the starched apparatus in the treatment of fractures and diseases of joints: being the first part of an essay to which the Council of University College have awarded the Liston clinical medal. r RC392.G36

Sampson Gamgee. Researches in pathological anatomy and clinical surgery. r RB24.G36

John Johnstone. An account of the discovery of the power of mineral acid vapours, to destroy contagion. r RA761.J64

Ian Francis. This way to the revolution : art, activism and upheaval in Birmingham 1968. r DA690.B6 F73

The medical museum : or, A repository of cases, experiments, researches, and discoveries, collected at home and abroad in anatomy, medicine, pharmacy, botany, chemistry, surgery, physiology, &c. by gentlemen of the faculty. r R128.7 .M434