Illustration of a virus

The COVID-19 virus shows all indications of disrupting every individual’s life habits. While social isolation has largely been voluntary so far, fear of the disease is coercing some to ostracise others who may show related symptoms. The helplessness factor has also initiated a blame-game of sorts, with a few even allocating this corona virus a nationality. Some people are seen to discover religion anew, whilst others have displayed acts of kindness, reported from around the world. Sadly, that means that pain abounds, and it is most unfortunate doctors have had to resort to triaging patients due to high loads on the medical system in a few regions.

This pandemic has left everyone focusing on one hope - to ‘dampen the curve’ and buy time, so local healthcare networks can cope with numbers expected. We appear to have no other recourse against this invisible enemy, but to consciously isolate from unnecessary proximity until a vaccine is developed.

Social Distancing & Self-Isolation is the first tool in our armoury, to delay the spread of COVID-19. A vaccine is the next move, but are we prepared to make use of it properly?

Prepare now to sustainably deliver the COVID-19 vaccine - Pawanexh Kohli, Honorary Professor of Post-harvest Logistics at the University of Birmingham