An eminent University of Birmingham professor has clinched a prestigious award for his life-long work in philosophy, artificial intelligence, computing and cognitive science.

Professor Aaron Sloman, honorary member of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences' School of Computer Science, has been awarded the Barwise Prize by the American Philosophical Association (APA).  The award recognises Professor Sloman’s significant and sustained contributions to philosophy and computing research. The Prize is designed to credit researchers for their long efforts in their fields.

Professor Sloman switched from mathematics to philosophy as a graduate student in 1959, and has been attempting to explain what's true in Kant's analysis of mathematical knowledge: locating mathematical discovery in an ever broader and deeper biological context.

Among Professor Sloman's many achievements was helping to develop the world's first academic programme in cognitive science.  He joined the University of Birmingham in 1991 and continues his research in an honorary capacity having formally retired in 2001. The APA promotes the discipline and profession of philosophy, both within the academy and in the public arena. Please follow the link below to read more about the other prize winners:

2020 APA Prizes: Spring Edition