We are delighted to confirm that the new HEFi Canvas “Remote Teaching Resource” is now published and available for staff to self-enrol. The link to the course is: https://canvas.bham.ac.uk/enroll/JRHPKM

The resource has been designed to align with the Framework for Educational Resilience and help staff in meeting the conditions of the framework, both in terms of curriculum design and the shift to bi-modal delivery for 2020/21.

The resource will grow and develop over the coming weeks. In this early phase of development we have focussed on some key areas: principles of curriculum resilience, designing and planning learning, practical tips for taking teaching online, and creating resilience in assessment (including ideas for alternatives to traditional exams). We are developing a section devoted to personal academic tutoring, and extending the section on assessment to include effective, dialogic approaches to feedback online. As new digital tools arrive we will also update the resource to include them. We will issue regular updates as these resources are developed and published.

We recognise that there is ongoing work both at an institutional level (eg the development of a consistent model of Canvas design), and within the Colleges and Departments (eg in relation to programme architecture). The Remote Teaching Resource aligns with current thinking, is flexible enough to be adapted to different models, and will be continually updated as this work is progressed. We want to release this now so that it is of use to as many people as possible, and we also hope that colleagues will contribute to the resource as it develops so that our education community has a sense of ownership and investment in the resource.

We would really welcome feedback. We hope that you will share this within your Colleges and encourage colleagues to engage. If you have any queries of comments please do let us know by contacting hefi@contacts.bham.ac.uk