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After a busy start to the year, COVID-19 slammed the brakes on many of Brum Eco Racing’s projects, as well as the Shell Eco Marathon Competition. However this hasn’t completely stopped the team from moving forward, so here’s the latest updates:

After much debate between the organisers of the competition, due to take place between 27 June and 3 July, the unfortunate decision was made to cancel the 2020 Shell Eco Marathon. Although this was a massive disappointment, all parties involved agreed this was the right decision in the interest of safety. The biggest disappointment came to many of Brum Eco Racing’s leaving members who were looking forward to one last chance at beating our previous record. It’s hoped we will be able to invite them back as guests for the 2021 competition!

Instead, we got to work on a secret behind-the-scene project to help relieve the lockdown blues amongst our members. Brum Eco Racing – The Game is a 2D top-down racing simulator that closely mirrors the Shell Eco Marathon itself! Players drive our car around the track trying to use the minimum amount of fuel possible. Furthermore, the car controls similarly to our own, allowing us to try out potential new strategies. There’s also an online leader board to allow the team to compete against each other to see who can drive the best – it’s a competition after all!

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Following the election of Brum Eco Racing’s new committee, discussions have started on what projects will take place next year. We are being tight-lipped for now, so why not follow us on our social media pages to find out more on FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn. To get involved check out our Facebook group or email us at

Watch this space!

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