In a special seminar, experts from POLSIS/School of Government provided analysis of the state of the race for the Democratic nomination 

As part of the programme of Student Enhancement Experience in the School of Government, the POLSIS Parties, Voters and Elections research group held a special seminar a few days after Super Tuesday to examine the state of the US Presidential Campaign. Dr Adam Quinn and Dr Jeanne Morefield offered the audience their insights not just into the state of play in the battle for the Democratic Party nomination, but also the wider dynamics of American presidential politics.

Dr Tim Haughton, who organised the event commented, “it was great for students and staff to hear the insightful analysis of two colleagues who follow US politics very closely. They examined the ideological, racial and structural factors shaping US politics, but also reflected on the possibility that unknown factors like the Corona Virus might impact significantly the process and result of November’s presidential election".