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Hello from CAD Society! We’re looking forward to welcoming you to another year of CAD Society. This Society focuses on anything and everything related to computer aided design (CAD); all the way from 3D printing microdrones to designing model F1 cars! We have our own Makerspace where you can craft and build anything you design. Students from all courses are welcome to join, from beginner to expert, no matter how much experience you have!

Throughout the last year we’ve achieved many exciting things, including but not limited to:

  • We were shortlisted for two EPS Societies’ Awards: Head of College Idea of the Year and Outstanding Event Award
  • We had the honour of judging the 2020 VEX Robotics UK Nationals Competition which two of our members attended
  • Hosted the first Airgineers competition to design and make microdrones, then race them around a set course with prizes available to winners

Not bad for our first year!

As a member of CAD Society you will have access to our Makerspace which has 3D printers and CNC machines, as well as other equipment to create your designs. You will also have the CAD Society committee to help guide you through your journey with CAD and help enhance your skills. We also regularly involve professional CAD experts in our workshops.

Unfortunately as Covid-19 continues to change the scope of university and social life, we’ve had to make some adjustments. We will continue lessons through an online medium so you can still learn throughout the year. Adhering to government and University guidelines, access and operation to the Makerspace may be limited for a time, but we will keep you up to date with any changes as quickly as we can. 

Despite the current circumstances, we plan on continuing to deliver both beginner and intermediate CAD lessons. These will include regular competitions with prizes ready to be won. For the first semester, all these lessons will take place every fortnight online. We’ll also have drop-in sessions in between the fortnightly teaching sessions.

We hope to expand our operations in semester 2 if possible by operating the full use of the Makerspace to all our members. The Makerspace can be used to 3D print designs as well as utilizing the CNC lathe machine which we hope to provide appropriate training for each member.

We also hope to host the Industrial Design Challenge sponsored by Caterpillar next semester which we unfortunately had to postpone from June this year due to COVID-19.

No! This academic year we plan to expand the Society even further. We’re working on increasing the capabilities of the Makerspace so you can have much more flexibility in what you make. Also, we’ll have even more competitions for you to apply your new CAD skills to, and hopefully win some great prizes!

To find out more about our Society, join us during welcome week on Friday 25 September at 4:30pm to watch our livestream! Here we’ll go into more detail about what you can expect from this Society and give you the chance to ask any questions. If you can’t make it, feel free to contact us at

To join and for details of the live streams visit us on through our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages!

We look forward to virtually meeting you!

Salman Ramzan

President of CAD Society

To find out more about CAD Society visit their website

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