Students on the Shakespeare Institute's MA Shakespeare and Creativity postgraduate degree course collaborated with the Royal Shakespeare Company to present an original civic work in The Other Place.

'What We May Be' was a unique, immersive and interactive art exhibition, centered around a catwalk runway. As the public audience weaved around the gallery, they met and interacted with some of Shakespeare’s most famous and infamous identities. 

Performer interacting with children

The masquerade event was intended to be a toe dip into Shakespeare and thoughts about identity, paving the way for future examination of both these topics and sparks curiosity through self-exploration. An idea that started as a fashion show developed into a full exhibition.

The catwalk idea originally came from a fun take on Garrick’s attempted Shakespeare character promenade during his 1769 Jubilee celebration, which was unfortunately cancelled due to bad weather. 

Sign says 'Use the handheld props to dress up as what you see a lover to be! Feel free to take a mirror selfie. Please put the props back when you've finished!

Ruff and Tumble is the student run company created by the current cohort of MA Shakespeare and Creativity students at the Shakespeare Institute. Elements of the MA Shakespeare and Creativity programme are co-led with the RSC, which gives students the opportunity to study the life and work of Shakespeare while creating new works. These creative projects allow the students to take what they’ve learned about Shakespeare in the classroom and bring him into the community.

Find Ruff and Tumble at:

Performer and children looking very happy
Student performer wearing jester's hat
Student performer speaks to child
Two student performers on the stage. One wears black goggles.
Two academics read a noticeboard