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Speaking up

Against the background of recent high profile examples of speaking up about alleged intimidation and bullying in government departments as well as in the NHS, it is worth revisiting some of the research undertaken by Professor Russell Mannion and colleagues which includes the following publications:

 Mannion R, Davies H (2019) Raising and responding to front line concerns in Health care, BMJ  [online]. Available at:  [Accessed 9 March 2020]

 Mannion R, (2018) Speaking Up in Health Care: The Canary in the Mine? [online]. Available at: [Accessed 9 March 2020]

 Mannion R, Blenkinsopp J, Powell M, McHale J, Millar R, Snowden N & Davies H.Understanding the knowledge gaps in whistleblowing and speaking up in health care: narrative reviews of the research literature and formal inquiries, a legal analysis and stakeholder interviews. Health Serv Deliv Res 2018;6(30)