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In October and November last year I wrote an article for The Conversation and Inforrm on Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, or SLAPPs. Since then I have been invited to join the Council of Europe’s Committee of Experts on SLAPPs (as a Committee we are tasked with drafting a Recommendation on SLAPPs by April 2023 to be adopted by the Council), I have given oral and written evidence to a Justice Committee on SLAPPs, and I have given my views on SLAPPs to the Ministry of Justice in response to its Call for Evidence. I have also advised NGOs and other organisations on their responses to the Call for Evidence and proposals for reform.

In mid-October 2022 I am returning to Strasbourg for a week to meet with my Council of Europe colleagues to continue our work on the Recommendation. This is a collection of some of my thoughts on SLAPPs and on some of the suggestions that have so far been made to tackle this type of litigation.