Shakespeare conference

Location, location, location

If you are a person that likes to study away from the hustle and bustle of the city but wants access to historical records about to Shakespeare and the Early Modern Period, then the Shakespeare Institute’s campus might be the right place for you. Located in Stratford-Upon-Avon, the town holds many quiet spaces away from the crowds, including the Institute’s beautiful garden. At the same time, you will also have access to the repositories and archives of both the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (SBT) and The Royal Shakespeare company (RSC).


Shakespeare Institute garden

Immerse yourself in your passion for Shakespeare

Speaking of repositories, the Shakespeare Institute’s library has a large pool of Shakespeare Criticism, Reviews, Manuscripts, and Research on its shelves. For people who like to deep dive into Shakespearean performance history, or into Early Modern culture and history, the Institute’s library is a great place to explore.

Opportunities to study from anywhere in the world

If you are not able to come down physically to the Shakespeare Institute, fret not. The Institute also provides courses that are accessible for distance learning. The Institute’s distance learning access has been in place even before the current pandemic and has had many years to build up its digital experience. So, even as we continue to move and learn in uncertain pandemic conditions, the Institute can continue to share its knowledge with you, wherever you are.

Learn from Shakespeare experts and professionals

Studying Shakespeare, you will already have come across the writings of academics who currently teach at the Shakespeare Institute. Being at the Institute, you will be able to not just read their writing but get to sit down and have a talk with them, be it in-person or online. For those who would like a practical touch to their learning, various programmes at the Institute also have frequent collaborations, masterclasses, and workshops with the RSC. These collaborations include creating and producing spectacular new works that will be performed for the general public under the co-supervision of the RSC.

Students taking part in a recent workshop

Find Your People

Lastly, if you have questions about Shakespeare, or are interested in studying his works and influence, then you already have an affinity to what we do at the Institute. Coming into the Institute, you will find people to share your Shakespeare theories with, and will find people just as excited to talk about Shakespeare as you are.