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“This year’s CMO report on Air Pollution outlines current pollution challenges in the UK, both indoors and outdoors, and what are practical solutions to reduce their impacts on human health. A particular focus is the impact of air pollution on vulnerable groups including children, people with pre-existing conditions and the elderly. The report identifies how we can go further to reduce air pollution e.g. with improvements in engineering for transport and industry, but also by modifying agricultural practice and with improvements in the built environment.

“The report is co-authored by leading experts from across the UK providing the latest evidence on air pollution based on indoor and outdoor measurements as well as modelling.

“The report identifies recent trends in air pollution and how it is expected to change in the future. Most of the report is focused on achievable indoor and outdoor air pollution solutions based on the latest research findings. These solutions include new technology as well as behavioural changes.”

Dr Christian Pfrang is a Reader in Atmospheric Science at the University of Birmingham and is one of the authors of the CMO Annual Report 2022: air pollution.

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Featured staff