drop of water landing in a pool

“We need to consider the value of water. Our collective ability to value this precious resource remains inadequate, but the effects of climate change - including on human health, prosperity and security - are interlinked with safe and sufficient access to water.

“Sustainable water management is therefore an essential part of the solution to climate change.

“Water is the ‘climate connector’ that offers opportunities for collaboration across the Sustainable Development Goals, Paris Agreement targets on climate change and Sendai Framework on disaster risk reduction.

“Yet despite this, water resources, which are already under severe pressure in many regions of the world, remain under increased threat from climate change (as well as other human impacts causing pollution and restricting safe access), which amplifies water-related extremes including floods and droughts.

“There is widespread recognition of the need to address climate change impacts through water, but we still see limited appetite for change. Recognising the value of water and better understanding its interconnectedness with other ecosystems upon which we all depend should drive us towards action.”