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Campus - Old Joe viewed from the green heart

In the podcast, Professor Uekotter speaks with host Ruth Alexander about how technology created an exponential growth in wheat production since 1945 but also led to increased inflexibility among farmers and a monopoly of the seed market, both of which have negative impacts on farming innovation and the global food supply.

Professor Uekotter also discussed the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the world’s wheat supply. He argues that the current challenge is to assure that the supply of grain to vulnerable populations who rely on it for food is not disrupted in favour of continuing to supply factory farms that can more easily pay the rising prices.

Ultimately, Professor Uekotter speaks to the need for long term change in the global food system that will allow for greater flexibility and innovation by farmers, lessen their dependency on monocultures, and reduce the influence of monopolies.

The Food Chain - The problem with wheat - BBC Sounds