Five reasons to study a Masters in Modern Languages

MA Comparative Literature and Critical Theories student Izzy Aves provides five reasons to study a Masters in Modern Languages at the University of Birmingham


You may think that a degree in Modern Languages means you will be studying just one thing. But this type of degree is actually a great bridge to bring together research interests in an array of subjects. The Department of Modern Languages offers opportunities to Translation Studies, Comparative Literature and Critical theory, and even Sexuality and Gender Studies.

What’s more, each subject is interconnected, and you will be encouraged to explore these connections to discover your own specific interests. Whether you’re interested in anything from French Music to postcolonial readings of world literature, the Department of Modern Languages is a great place for study.

The diversity of study in Modern Languages department means that no matter what your specific research interests are, you can enjoy a broad range of expert knowledge. You’ll be challenged by different perspectives and introduced to new ways of looking at your own work that will enrich your postgraduate experience.

What ties together the Modern Languages department is perhaps the desire to explore the connection between people and cultures. Understanding other cultural values, beliefs and identities is important for us all. A Modern Languages degree can offer you the opportunity to do so in a dynamic and interesting way.


More and more employers are looking for employees with language skills and cultural knowledge to enrich their businesses. Our postgraduate degrees in the Department of Modern Languages will enable you to cultivate these skills and give you the confidence to bring those skills with you into the workplace. You’ll also be able to develop transferable skills in research, communication, and presentation which will stand you in good stead whatever your next career step may be.

This type of degree can also provide an excellent steppingstone to further study. You will cultivate independent research skills to equip you for success in pursuing your own research at PhD level.   


Engaging with the lively postgraduate community at the University of Birmingham will help you thrive both socially and intellectually. Regular postgraduate seminars will allow you to develop academically with the support of academic faculty and your fellow postgraduate students. Additionally, support from your supervisors will be integral to your academic growth. As well as this, the well-equipped workspaces and library facilities will be crucial tools in helping you to succeed.