Amarpreet Kaur
Amarpreet Kaur

I was welcomed into the Health Services Management Centre in September 2021 when staff were finally returning to campus following the closures for the COVID-19 pandemic. A year later I can attest that the excitement and friendliness of all my colleagues here was not just a result of social deprivation, but indeed the nature of the staff environment. I was given a grand tour of its three main floors and got an extra-special viewing of its archives (i.e. decades worth of dissertations and theses).

I feel very fortunate to have been appointed as a Lecturer in Health Technology and Governance to join HSMC’s amazing legacy in the scenic surroundings of Park House. My expertise is situated in the areas of reproductive technologies and their relation to genomics, genetic disease, and reproductive justice. My expertise also includes consideration to policy, gender and sexuality, and ethics.

As I continue to find my feet in this unique Centre, I will endeavour to expand its renowned reputation via integration with my expertise and research-led teaching. I am very lucky to be supported as an Early Career Researcher by excellent mentors, both official and unofficial, and to have my professional development consistently considered. This mentorship has enabled me to be confident in developing content for both this new academic year and the next academic year.

In January, I will also be starting my PG Certification in Higher Education to assist my professional development. The course will help me reflect on ways to enhance my teaching practices for the benefit of our students. Undertaking this course is totally supported by the Director and Head of School – such is the care and investment in new staff.

Over the past year I have been learning about the different programmes offered by HSMC and contributing lectures to them. Slowly but surely, I hope to integrate more content on genomics, genomic technologies, and reproductive technologies (such as IVF and genome editing) into the various programmes. So far, I have co-developed a new MBA module in Digital Health with other members of staff from HSMC which I am very proud to say has plenty of consideration to genomic technologies.

Since joining the HSMC, I have been very aware of the 50th Anniversary celebrations and I sincerely hope I am here for its future milestones too. I am particularly looking forward to the Conference on Wednesday 12th October 2022 in the Edgbaston Park Hotel. This academic celebration will give me an even greater insight to the Centre’s rich history, enable me to meet HSMC’s alumni, and learn from staff who helped build its legacy long before I arrived. On this special day, we will undoubtedly rejoice over the shared delights that HSMC has afforded to us, the University, and the wider community.

If you see me at any of HSMC’s celebratory events, please introduce yourself to me and share your connection to the Centre with me. Also, we encourage all memories of HSMC to be shared on the website.

On this special day, we will undoubtedly rejoice over the shared delights that HSMC has afforded to us, the University, and the wider community.

Dr Amarpreet Kaur