"Making Food History": A new weekly video series from the Making of Monoculture: A Global History.

Dr. Uekotter explains why food history is such a dynamic area of study and how the MaMoGH project approaches the history of food from a new angle

A dramatically lit lettuce on a black background

During the fall of 2022, Frank Uekotter recorded weekly videos on key issues of our research group. These videos paired with the MaMoGH reading group, where we discussed a key book in the field each week. Topics include commodity chains, global and regional approaches, capitalism and industrial ideals, the mystery of taste, organic and socialist alternatives, etc. These videos provide an idea of the breadth of topics covered by the research project, and they serve as reflections on the state of our discussions. You can see our evolving working arguments - and you can see that food history is one of the most exciting and dynamic fields in today's historical profession. We hope that you get a taste for it!

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Professor Uekotter is currently working on an ERC funded research project that traces the pathways towards monoculture and looks for recurring patterns and trajectories, common challenges and typical mindsets and thus aims to provide a better understanding of monocultures’ underlying rationales and dynamisms. The project approaches monocultures as ecological and socioeconomic trouble spots while also seeking to address the place of monocultures in the ongoing debates about the modern food system.

For more information, check out the project’s website.