Graduates from the first ever PwC cohort

Part of the first cohort to join PwC’s Technology Degree Apprenticeship in 2018, the recent graduates studied computer science at the University of Birmingham, and worked in technology teams at PwC, based in the Birmingham office. After completing the four year programme our 34 apprentices have graduated and are about to accelerate their technology careers at PwC and beyond.

Together with the 21 individuals joining the 2022 cohort and those who joined between 2019 and 2021, a total of 171 apprentices have now enrolled onto the programme.

The Technology Degree Apprenticeship was designed to support economic growth across the region, by tackling the digital skills gap and improving access to careers in Technology.

The apprentices enjoy a full salary and benefits from their very first day at PwC, as well as having their tuition fees paid. This enables learners from all socio-economic backgrounds to access a degree, work experience and accelerate their career.

Applying for the apprenticeship was the best decision I made, and I am so happy at where I am today.

Georgina Cottrell, PwC Technology Degree Apprentice

Georgina Cottrell, one of the apprentices said: "This apprenticeship has given me a massive leap forward into my career, and when I continue my career with PwC in August, I will already have a huge amount of experience in the company as well as a head start compared to other graduates. Applying for the apprenticeship was the best decision I made, and I am so happy at where I am today. Throughout the apprenticeship I worked with some amazing people who assisted me at every step of the way. This apprenticeship requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but as long as you make the most out of it by taking every opportunity that is given to you and putting in 100% to everything you do, the outcome is amazing."

Professor Jon Green, Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education) at the University of Birmingham said: “I am delighted with the success of this first graduating cohort of apprentices on the four-year Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship with PwC. This apprenticeship programme for undergraduates was the first one developed at the University of Birmingham and it has been an excellent collaboration with PwC. The programme continues to attract and develop well-qualified apprentices. The aim has always been to ensure the programme recruits apprentices from all backgrounds focussing on the local region. The apprentices will continue to develop their careers with PwC and I am sure they will make major contributions to the future of digital technologies; we wish them every success.”

Matthew Hammond, PwC’s Midlands Region Leader and Birmingham Senior Partner said: “I’m thrilled that the first apprentices on the PwC Technology Degree Apprenticeship have graduated and will be continuing their careers with PwC. They are the tech powered leaders of tomorrow. Their individual and collective achievements in the context of the challenges of the pandemic is to be celebrated as an even bigger achievement.

“It is a fantastic privilege for PwC to work alongside University of Birmingham to develop the talent and skills so acutely needed as has been evidenced this week by the scale of market opportunity for those with relevant technology skills and experience. In total, 34 apprentices have graduated in 2022 in Birmingham and a further 1376 apprentices are in the cohorts of year groups who have commenced their programmes since 2019.

“Supporting young people and developing skills in the region is one of our top priorities and was part of our commitment to support the Birmingham B2022 Commonwealth Games. Working closely with other selected organisations we are now embarking on taking digital and technology skills programmes into schools at scale, and helping with creating routes to career development.

“Our collective goal with the University of Birmingham is to keep attracting exceptional talent from schools across the region and enable individuals from all backgrounds to access a market-leading apprenticeship degree. Students who are interested in careers in tech should enquire about future intake opportunities.”