Infographic showing many of the Edtech startups which made up HolonIQ's Europe EdTech 200 list

The Europe EdTech 200 is focused on identifying young, fast growing and innovative learning, teaching and up-skilling startups across Europe (excluding the Nordic-Baltic region which is covered in the Nordic-Baltic EdTech 50). 

Graide arose from a PhD thesis written by Robert Stanyon and supervised by Professor Nicola Wilkin in the University’s School of Physics and Astronomy.

Graide is aimed at STEM departments of higher education institutions and can be used to mark both coursework and exam papers. It can not only assess the final answers, but also a student’s workings. The system, which incorporates artificial intelligence, learns an assessor’s marking style so they do not have to grade the same answer twice. As the assessor works through the paper, Graide automates more and more of the feedback.

Startups like yours [Graide] are a critical part of a global movement to deliver innovation across the EdTech landscape, building toward a more inclusive and sustainable future.


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