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The Thirteenth Birmingham Colloquium has the theme of Catenae, Marginalia and the IGNTP. Over twenty presenters will be coming to Birmingham from across the world to present cutting-edge research on catenae, scholia and other marginal elements in Greek New Testament manuscripts and to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the International Greek New Testament Project.

The colloquium is generously sponsored by the European Research Council-funded CATENA project, which means that there will be no charge for attendance at the event. In addition, following the success of the online Twelfth Colloquium, we will also attempt to livestream the papers to a wider audience.

Both in-person and remote participants should register for the event using the EventBrite booking form by 30th April 2023.

The current academic programme is as follows:

Monday 15th May

  • 1.00pm Registration 
  • 2.00pm Welcome
  • 2.10pm P.M. Head (Oxford) – Marginal Corrections in NT Papyri
  • 2.40pm P. Manafis (Thrace) – GA 1422: A Codex Singulus or a New Witness to the Catena of Codex Zacynthius?
  • 3.30pm J. Marcon (Berlin) – Reconstructing the lost commentary of Severian of Gabala on the Pauline Epistles through the fragments: the evidence of the catena tradition.
  • 4.00pm S.M. Park (New Orleans) – An Initial Critical Edition of the Greek text of the Pauline Prologues in the Euthalian Apparatus
  • 4.30pm C.R. Bates (Birmingham) – Fundamentally Cyrillian: The Ps. Oecumenian Catena as Neo- Chalcedonian Propaganda

Tuesday 16th May

  • 9.00am R. Turnbull (Melbourne) – Identifying Frame Catena Folios Using Artificial Intelligence
  • 9.30am D. Flood (Edinburgh/Dallas) – A Proposed Stemma for the Manuscript Witnesses to the Catena of John of Damascus using both the Lemmata and Scholia.
  • 10.00am G. Oberholzer (Birmingham) – A Study of the Scholia of GA655
  • 11.00am M. Venetskov (Glasgow) – Introductory pieces in Catena Manuscripts of the New Testament: ‎classification and categorization.‎
  • 11.30am N.S. Hsieh (Cambridge) – Subscriptions in the Pauline Epistles: Towards a Method for Studying Subscriptions and Gleaning Exegetical Insights
  • 12 noon C. Clivaz (Lausanne) – How to end a Gospel? Markan Paratext in Codex Washingtonianus and Codex Bobiensis

  • 2.00pm D.L. Salgado (Edinburgh/Dallas) – The Case of Lectionary 60: Transmitting Myth Alongside Truth
  • 2.30pm T. Panella (Leuven) – Catena manuscripts in 1 Corinthians
  • 3.30pm P.J. Montoro (Birmingham) and R. Turnbull (Melbourne) – Transmissional Entropy: Using IGNTP Transcriptions to Investigate the Influence of Catenae on the Transmission of Romans
  • 4.00pm K. Wachtel (Münster) – IGNTP vs. ECM Luke: An appraisal of their aims and methods
  • 4.30pm Z. Butler (New Orleans) – The First Decade of the IGNTP: An Examination of the IGNTP's Catalogued Correspondence

Wednesday 17th May

  • 9.30am T. Lorieux (Reims Champagne-Ardenne) – Pauline ἰδιώματα in the Epistle to the Romans according to Gennadius’ fragments in the Vaticanus catena.
  • 10.00am A.J. Patton (Birmingham) – Direct Copying in a Group of Gospel Manuscripts with Catenae
  • 11.00am G.R. Parpulov (Göttingen) – A Palaeographical Approach to Catenae
  • 11.30am E. Scieri (Birmingham) – Multiplex Catena: Textual stratification and scribal practice in the catena on Acts in GA 82
  • 12 noon T. Wasserman (Kristiansand) – New Light on the Marginalia of Family 1 in John.

This programme is also available for download as a PDF.

There will also be a formal dinner on the evening of Tuesday 16th May and an excursion to the Chained Library at Hereford Cathedral on the afternoon of Wednesday 17th May.

If you have any questions, please contact the organisers.