a computer generated image of a brain

The fields of psychology and theology have multiple points of shared interest. Both psychologists and theologians take a strong interest in themes such as human personality, character and virtue, morality and ethics, and how we relate to one another as social creatures. There is great potential for theologians to enrich their work by considering insights and findings from the field of psychology, however all too often researchers in the two disciplines talk past one another. Both fields generate profound insights about what human beings are, what religion is and does, the nature of the world, and our knowledge of it, but the different methodological and explanatory frameworks of these disciplines are frequently viewed as incompatible or even in competition with one another.

The Fellowships

These followships are designed to provide the opportunity for theologians to break down disciplinary barriers and engage more deeply with psychological research to further theological exploration and practice. The fellowships will offer support for theologians to participate in an intensive 16-month program in psychological cross-training, equipping them with the skills to draw upon insights from psychology and potentially providing them with funding to undertake psychologically informed theological research. The fellowships will build a community of science-engaged theologians who will be able to work independently or collaboratively to undertake new research, develop teaching materials incorporating psychological science, and raise the profile of this area of enquiry.