Student Rianna stands in front of the University of Birmingham Library

1) The English Department Quiz

During the first week of university, English students within the department were invited to take part in a quiz to get to know each other and to find out more about the department. This was an enjoyable event where I was able to meet new people and chat about the recent books we had been reading.

2) Professional Skills Internship module

As second-year students, we were given the opportunity to opt into the Professional Skills module for third year, during which we take part in an internship over the summer or during the first semester, then write about our experiences which account for a 20 credit module. I was guided through the process by the amazing careers team, and was fortunate enough to secure an internship with my top choice organisation! 

3) Noticing my academic progress

One of my top moments at university was achieving a first during my first year at university in a module I had thoroughly enjoyed. Using the helpful feedback from my previous assignments and tutor office hours, I achieved the grade I aspired to obtain.

4) Getting involved with Redbrick

Redbrick is the university newspaper, and throughout the year I have thoroughly enjoyed writing interesting and engaging articles which I'm proud to see in print. I have since acquired the role of Life and Style editor and this has allowed me to make new friends and develop new skills.

5) Exploring the Campus

The University of Birmingham Campus has many great places to study - the Mason Lounge in the Arts Building, The Teaching and Learning Building, The Library, The Guild and many more! Having seminars and lectures in many different places has allowed me to explore so much of this beautiful campus.