Aston Webb building - large domes buildings to the rear and trees to the foreground
Have no fear! Green Impact is here

Green Impact is a United Nations-recognised sustainability accreditation programme, with an awards element that celebrates improved ways of working, and encourages further awareness of the need for sustainability.

All staff at the University of Birmingham are encouraged to take part, as the programme helps colleagues to push for greener working practices while also boosting team collaboration and wellbeing. To find out more about how you can get involved, visit the Green Impact at UoB webpage, join the UoB Green Impact Teams channel, and either register or join your department’s team on the Green Impact portal.

The following advice is taken from the Green Impact toolkit, but has been given a Halloween makeover. Read if you dare

  1. If the room is empty… Why are the lights on?

Avoid creating an eerie atmosphere. If you are the last colleague to leave a room, turn off the lights. Nothing lurks in the darkness.

  1. Beware of vampire devices!

Vampire devices are electrical appliances that drain power when left on standby or when they are not in use. To be truly sure your office or home is not drained of energy, switch off devices or unplug them at the wall.

  1. Have the chills? Your portable heater may be behind it.

Did you know that portable heaters can influence thermostats in offices, meaning that the heating in the room will not perform as well as it should? Too many portable heaters can also be a sign that something strange is afoot with the central heating. If you have concerns regarding the efficiency of the heating in your office, contact the Estates Team

  1. Monster-sized footprints leaving the office… They are not from Bigfoot!

Do not let emails with hefty carbon footprints escape from your laptop. Avoid attaching large files that could instead be linked within the email, and opt for lower resolution images in email signatures.

  1. Use the campus wi-fi.

Mobile data uses more energy than wi-fi, so switch to wi-fi and avoid a much scarier mobile data bill.

There are plenty more sustainability-related tips (just less spooky) available via the Green Impact Toolkit, so be sure to sign up to find out how you can help make both your working and home environment more sustainable.