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How to lead change to empower girls in the Congo with Noëlla Coursaris Musunka

Joining Christopher Pietroni for the third episode of ‘Leadership Exchanged’ is Noëlla Coursaris Musunka. Nöella is the founder and CEO of Malaika Foundation, based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which began as a school and has now grown into a community-driven ecosystem working to transform the lives of young girls and their families.

In this episode, Noëlla discusses how she uses her leadership in philanthropy to empower young girls into becoming the next leaders of Africa, and the challenges she has faced both in her own life and whilst setting up a charity. As well as discussing her experience in the third sector, Noëlla also delves into the contrasts between her modelling career and her philanthropy career.

The Leadership Exchanged podcast asks if the world's biggest and most complex problems could be solved if the right leadership approach was applied? Do we need to exchange current approaches to leadership for something new? In each episode Leadership expert Professor Christopher Pietroni discusses with guests what kind of leadership is needed if you want to make real, lasting change. Find out more about the Leadership Exchanged podcast: birmingham.ac.uk/leadership-exchanged