A view out of the Exchange Building in Birmingham with the words leadership Exchanged overlaying it
Mark Lomas, Head of Culture at Lloyd’s of London, joins Christopher Pietroni for the fourth episode of ‘Leadership Exchanged’ podcast.

Mark Lomas continues to break the mould in terms of employee stereotypes and recruitment practices across a wide range of sectors at Lloyd's, the world’s leading insurance market. 

In this episode, Mark delves into how he is leading change by implementing innovative programmes to help organisations deliver their set promises around Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). Some of these organisations include the NHS, BBC, HS2 and Arts Council England.

Mark discusses how he has applied his own personal experiences with industry stereotypes and the importance of confronting history to help to form more diverse and inclusive working environments.

The Leadership Exchanged podcast asks if the world's biggest and most complex problems could be solved if the right leadership approach was applied? Do we need to exchange current approaches to leadership for something new? In each episode Leadership expert Professor Christopher Pietroni discusses with guests what kind of leadership is needed if you want to make real, lasting change. 

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