Arts Matters: Meet our PhD Researchers

Early career researchers from across Law, Film, History, Modern Languages, and Philosophy brought their research to life, explaining why their work is vital and the difference it will made across society and culture.

The presentations by our PhD scholars can be viewed below:

A slide from Ursula's presentation about Sustainable Development Goals
Ursula Clarke (PhD Law) - Fostering a circular economy through the closure of the sustainability information gap between producer and consumer. A rare-earth magnet case-study.
Sarah Alshamran's Research overview slide
Sarah Alshamran (PhD Translation Studies) - Analysing the political feminist discourse in translated novels from Arabic into English after the Arab spring.
Jessica Sutherland's slide about States who recruit child soldiers from age 18
Jessica Sutherland (PhD Global Ethics) - Can we blame them? An examination of the moral responsibility of current and former child soldiers
Jemma Saunders' slide about Looking for Birmingham - the Fragmented Audio-Visual City
Jemma Saunders (Audio-Visual PhD Film and Television Studies) - ‘Looking for Birmingham: the Fragmented Audio-Visual City’
Andrew Searle's slide about Quiet diplomacy
Andrew Searle (PhD History) - Is Anybody Listening? Amnesty International's Palestine advocacy and the Politics of Human Rights in the UK, 1961-1980