The University of Birmingham Aston Webb building

On 23 June 2023, the Birmingham Research Institute for History and Cultures and the Centre for Reformation and Early Modern Studies and Birmingham Research Institute of History and Cultures at the University of Birmingham will be hosting a conference entitled: Pirates, Ports and Exports: Maritime Relations in the Age of Sail.

The conference will explore the relationship between land and ocean in the Early Modern period (c.1500 to c.1800), examining the way in which oceans, once they were seen as a connecting space, became key to social, cultural, economic, and political relationships.

The conference aims to respond to this growing interest in ‘the maritime’ as a zone of interaction through three key themes (broadly conceived):

  • Maritime Crime,
  • Monopolies and Trade, and
  • Supporting the Land.

We invite scholars to submit abstracts on these topics to be delivered in person in Birmingham.

We will also have a keynote talk delivered by Professor Lou Roper of SUNY.