Professor Kristien Boelaert
Kristien Boelaert is a Professor of Endocrinology at the University of Birmingham and a Consultant Endocrinologist at University Hospitals Birmingham.


Professor Boelaert's clinical research interests include the management of thyroid dysfunction, nodules and endocrine disorders in pregnancy. Her laboratory research programme focuses on the pathogenesis of thyroid cancer and she is involved in a number of clinical trials in the field of thyroid disease.

She is the Clinical Lead for the NICE Guidelines on Thyroid Diseases, the National Consensus Statements on Management of Thyroid Cancer and the RCOG Green Top Guidelines for Management of Thyroid Diseases in Pregnancy. Kristien’s research continues to attract funding from major grant awarding bodies including the MRC, the Wellcome Trust, CRUK and other Charities. The impact of her research is evidenced by a rapidly growing list of publications and numerous invitations to speak at international conferences. 

Professor Boelaert works closely with the British Thyroid Association's associated patient support group, the British Thyroid Foundation (BTF) aiming to improve the management of patients with thyroid diseases. Some of her research has been funded by the BTF previously and her current research projects have been set up with significant PPI input from the BTF.