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The 'Everything to Everybody' project, first folio
The 'Everything to Everybody' project, first folio - photo credit: Jas Sansi

Birmingham’s First Folio will be on display at Aston Hall as part of the ‘Everything to Everybody’ Project. To celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday and the First Folio’s visit, Aston Hall – which is part of Birmingham Museums Trust - is inviting people to join in with The Bard’s Big Birthday Bash and First Folio Frolics.

Expect heroes and villains bringing the Hall alive with Shakespearian-inspired comedy and drama. There will be frolics inspired by the works of the bard, including the rousing speech of Henry V in his armour as he prepares for battle; an opportunity to try out Shakespearian stage combat and rehearse the opening of Romeo and Juliet; a meet and greet with the Witches of Macbeth; and a chance to learn how the First Folio was printed with Isaac Jaggard, its printer, and then do some printing of your own!

It is a real privilege for Aston Hall to be the first venue that the First Folio visits as part of its 2023 tour on Shakespeare’s birthday. To see this rare, valuable, internationally significant book in real life will connect our visitors to Shakespeare and bring him alive. I have no doubt that a child visiting us on 23 April to see the First Folio will go on to tell their children and grandchildren about it!

Sara Wajid, Birmingham Museums Trust.

As well as the Bard’s Birthday Bash and First Folio Frolics, visitors to Aston Hall can join in a workshop looking at how to read and understand Shakespeare. Second Reading will look at the words, the history around Shakespeare and his plays, and the way they reflect our world now.

The First Folio on tour in Sutton Coldfield - photo credit: Jas Sansi
The First Folio on tour in Sutton Coldfield - photo credit: Jas Sansi

Shakespeare continues to be relevant today and it’s fantastic that a visit from the First Folio can inspire so much fun and celebration. The team at Aston Hall have created a fitting birthday bash around the First Folio and we are thrilled to be celebrating our distinctly Birmingham Shakespeare heritage at one of Birmingham’s most historical locations.

Professor Ewan Fernie, Project Director of the ‘Everything to Everybody’ Project.

To date, the First Folio has been seen by almost 1500 people in community settings across Birmingham. The First Folio tour is aimed at raising awareness of Birmingham’s Shakespeare Memorial Library. Founded in 1864, the collection of more than 100,000 items is both the first major Shakespeare library in the world and also the only extensive Shakespeare collection which belongs to the people of a city. Each venue or partner will connect with the Shakespeare collection – and therefore the First Folio – in a way that is unique to them and their interests.

Viewing the First Folio is free in the Stable at Aston Hall, though booking is recommended. The usual admission charges apply to head indoors at Aston Hall.

Full listing and booking information can be found at

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