The arches at Birmingham Law School with two students walking between them

It’s great to be able to talk to someone who is exactly where you think that you want to be at some point in your career.

Katherine Cadregari (MA Literature and Culture, 2022), student mentee

I really looked forward to all of our meetings and it was a really, really enjoyable experience. It never felt like a burden.

Emma Login (BA Ancient History, Archaeology and History of Art, 2006; MA Archaeological Practice, 2009; PhD Conflict Archaeology, 2015), Head of Major Projects at Historic England, alumna mentor

Alumna and Head of Major Projects for Historic England Emma Login mentored MA student Katherine Cadregari. Watch the film below to learn more about how they approached the mentorship and which aspects they found the most enriching.

Emma Login
Arts Matters: alumnae mentor Emma Login and mentee Katherine Cadregari discuss mentorships

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