Redbrick townhouses
New for 2023: sustainable Pritchatts Park townhouses.

Work commenced in 2021 to turn Pritchatts Park into the University’s most sustainable and accessible accommodation village to date. The first phase of construction and refurbishment of 400 new rooms is complete, and now over 1,000 students call Pritchatts Park’s home.

birds eye view of the development
Pritchatts Park Village Development

The new student homes are highly energy efficient. They are double-glazed and fitted with solar PV panels on their roofs to supply clean energy to the village – over 100,000kW/h per year.

The newly refurbished Pritchatts House is heated by air source heat pumps, which draw energy from 100% renewable sources.

solar panels
Constructed with sustainability at heart

In addition, the development has been built with inclusivity and accessibility in mind. 

Pritchatts House, the hub of village life, has been refurbished with a fully accessible entrance, as well as a new social hub. The hub now has accessible and bookable spaces, a pool table, kitchen, and a pastoral support room where students can talk to members of the accommodation team one-on-one.

Thirteen purpose-built accessible rooms to support students with additional needs and requirements are due to open in autumn 2024, adding to the three already in use.

Kitchen with large table and chairs
Shared kitchen and dining space in a brand-new Pritchatts Road Townhouse.

Timonthy Owen, Associate Director of Student Living, said: ‘We’re delighted to open the new developments at Pritchatts Park Village, which will provide modern high-quality, low-carbon accommodation for our students.

‘The associated social facilities now available provide a mix of quiet learning, social and games spaces, which are so important to the overall student experience. We now have double the number of accessible bedrooms, which means we can meet a wider variety of student needs.'

Hub space with blue and orange chairs and tables
The site’s Hub has plenty of space for students to meet, eat and study, including a private games room.

A further 238 sustainably built rooms will open next year, bringing Pritchatts Park’s low-carbon room total to 659. That’s approximately half of the village’s total capacity. The village’s remaining accommodation is due to be refurbished offering students more space to live, socialise and study.

The creation of new, eco-friendly spaces support the University's goal to be net-zero carbon by 2045.