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Group of winners on stage receiving award - a plant in a terracotta pot
Apprenticeships Delivery Team receiving their award

These awards recognise colleagues who undertake brilliant work contributing to the success of the University. The awards celebrate that behind every achievement, however big or small, there are individuals and teams who are making important things happen. Celebrating exceptional staff, who embody the University values. 

Winners of the 2023 Awards:

  • Chloë Owen, Executive Support
  • Katie Compton, Human Resources
  • Joanne Pilling, Campus Services
  • Apprenticeships Delivery Team, Academic Services
  • The team behind ‘BIFoR in a Box’, College of Life and Environmental Sciences
  • Thomas Downes (College of Life and Environmental Sciences) was named Apprentice of the Year
  • Jules Singh (Campus Services) was named winner of the Students at the Heart Award. Gavin Allsop was Highly Commended.
  • Anna McKay (College of Medical and Dental Sciences) was named winner of the Academics' Choice Award. The BactiVac Team (College of Life and Environmental Sciences) were named Highly Commended.
  • Magdalena Skrybant (College of Medical and Dental Sciences) won the Collaborative Working Award. Dubai Programme Administration Team were Highly Commended
  • Abigail Layton (College of Life and Environmental Sciences) was named Technician of the Year

A special Vice-Chancellor’s Award was presented to Jessica Bates for her exceptional work in support of our student community.

The ceremony showcased the collective efforts of individuals and teams who embody the university's values and contribute to its success. Each award recipient demonstrated their commitment to excellence in their respective fields. The University of Birmingham is proud to celebrate these exceptional individuals and teams who play an integral role in making important things happen. Through their hard work and dedication, they continue to inspire and shape the university community, ensuring its continued growth and success in the future.