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Speaking to students, business leaders, educators and researchers, we understand approaches to decolonisation from different perspectives and the steps that can be taken by all of us, for a more equitable education, and business environment, for us all.

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Birmingham Business School has embarked on a three-year project to decolonise its activities across its various operations, forming part of the mission of the School to embed a culture of responsible business and inclusive values into our teaching, learning and research.

This podcast responds to a growing call across Business Schools and the wider university sector to decolonise, and explores the debates surrounding the movement from different perspectives within the Business School environment. Building on our Diversity, Equality and Belonging pledge, this is an exploration we invite you to join us on, through listening to this mini-series, and beginning your own journey into what decolonising the business school means to you.

1. Decolonising the Business School: Our point of departure

2. From the perspective of an educator with Professor Bobby Banerjee and Professor Donna Ladkin

3. From the perspective of a researcher with the BBS Decolonisation Project; Dr Caroline Chapain, Dr Emma Surman, Dr Rweyemamu Ndibalema and Anita Lateano

4. From the perspective of a business leader with Dujon Smith

5. From the perspective of a student with Mukuka Kasonde and Susan Njuguna

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To get in touch about the series, to feedback, or if you’d like to join us on an episode, please get in touch with the Decolonisation Project team through Anita Lateano, a.lateano@bham.ac.uk.

This episode was produced and hosted by Birmingham Business School’s Decolonisation Project.