Professor Stuart Hall

Professor Stuart Hall, a pioneering leader in the field of cultural studies once wrote of the Harold Wilson Labour Party; “It is not expertise, technical sophistication, or the will to modernise that Labour lacks. It is politics.”

This comment is strikingly similar to the criticism levelled at the current Labour Party’s manifesto, that they are so focussed on minding the money, that they are lacking any political ambition or vision. So, if politics isn’t happening within our major political parties, then where is it happening?

We are running a special free event this Saturday at the Exchange in Birmingham city centre, called Election Fever, which will explore this question. Instead of in policy and Westminster politics is happening in our streets and across our lives. It’s happening in our education institution, in art, and in the ongoing and historical anti-racism movement of Birmingham.

We invite Brummies to come along and find out more about where politics is really happening in Birmingham.